Brewer's malts and diastatic malts from Kling have been used in the finest beers and baked goods for more than 130 years.

Kling Malz has been a valued partner of many well-known breweries for more than 130 years. Kling Malz has achieved a good reputation not only in Germany, but also internationally, by producing high-quality base malts for excellent beers and diastatic malts containing active enzymes.  

Kling Malz combines the advantages of a medium-sized, family-owned company that has access to short supplier routes with a high processing capacity and an internationally tested and optimized raw material and malt logistical base.

Our raw materials come from the traditional areas of Germany that cultivate brewer's barley, and we process them at our two production plants. We take steps to ensure that the entire processing procedure is highly energy efficient in addition to complying with high quality standards

By offering comprehensive quality assurance throughout the entire production process, we are able to offer our customers different types of malt that are consistently high in quality. Our extensive certifications and above-average and detailed laboratory analysis procedure ensure a consistent quality standard for your beers.
Analyse der Getreidelieferung vor dem Abladen mit einem Probeentnahmefühler Getreide und Wasser strömen in die Weichedie Keimkästen in der Malzfabrik Schriesheimder Wender im KeimkastenSteuerungsbildschirm der modernen Doppeldarre mit Wärmerückgewinnungs-Systembefüllte Malzsäcke
Kling Malz: the key ingredient of the best beers
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