Comprehensive quality controls for your safety

Our malt laboratory ensures the highest level of food safety.

Kling Malz has a long tradition of quality control: Our company already had its own "plant laboratory" more than 100 years ago. We continue to take the safety of our product for customers very seriously today. After we complete a strict inspection of all incoming goods (which is assisted by automatic samplers) we go beyond a standard inspection of the brewer's grain and the finished malt in our exceptionally well equipped malt laboratory. We also conduct special analyses, some of which depend on the harvest. The following tests are particularly worth calling out:

Performance of a modified gushing test (on the entire malt production of both plants, if necessary).
Determination of β-glucan content
Determination of the diastatic force of our baking malt powder
Deoxynivalenol concentration (DON) testing using DON Sens and DON Quant devices
Determination of glyphosate residues in the malt

Each incoming delivery of brewer's barley is tested for germination capacity, and each outgoing malt delivery is subjected to a wet-chemical analysis. After all, we can only assure others of the quality of our product if we ourselves are assured of this fact.

Kling Malz: the key ingredient of the best beers