High-quality animal feed, sold loose or as pellets

Malt culms

Malt culms are produced during the mechanical cleansing of malt kernels that have finished being kilned. 

These young culms are high-quality animal feed and are sold by us loose or as pellets ex plant. Pelleted malt culms have properties that make them useful as a natural fertilizer in addition to being able to be used as feedstuffs.

Feed barley and wheat

Cereal grains of barley and wheat that are less than 2.2 mm in diameter are too small for the manufacture of brewer's malt and are therefore sifted out immediately after delivery and sold as cattle feed.

We sell feed barley loose from the factories Schriesheim and Edingen.
We sell wheat barley loose from the factory Edingen.
Kling Malz: Quality malt made according to tradition